How It Works

Create your first classroom group and invite students

Start a group and invite one or many students by sending them a join code or uploading your Google classroom roster. Groups are a great way to:​


  • Connect with a specific period, study group or after school club
  • Share ideas and updates with fellow educators or families
  • Support expression and social emotional development  

Post a topic which is like a video assignment!

Post a topic to your group, and watch as students express their ideas through video! Video responses can be used to::​


  • Demonstrate individual learning progress and mastery 
  • Showcase students’ metacognition for a group project, writing artifact, science experiment or AI-based assignment 
  • Build confidence by celebrating student videos with likes and comments 

Keep the magic going

Use Flip all year long to personalize and improve student’s learning outcomes! 


  • Encourage students to share weekly reflections to monitor progress
  • Use Flip for presentations to show mastery of a topic
  • Share videos with families or your school community using Flip QR codes or links 

Ready to Flip?