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Flip is a free video discussion app where curious minds connect, share short videos, and build community. 


A place where you can explore the messy middle of learning, discover new passions and hobbies, and connect with people who share your interests. 


Join an amazing community of millions around the world who are making learning more fun, fulfilling, and empowering, or start your own community today!

Features Overview

Share, discover, and connect in small, safe groups using the Flip camera to record short videos. Express your creativity and ideas with features that make learning together fun and expressive. 


Use Flip by starting a group and inviting others to join your discussion, or simply create your first video to share it anywhere you’d like. Set the scene for your videos with interactive lenses, custom backdrops, and blur. Then, get creative with stickers, emojis, drawings, music, and more to make your videos pop!